Rights of EU nationals (ii)

An edited amalgamation of recent missives to my MP.


Dear [MP],

This ‘majority’ you refer to is actually not the majority of the people. Moreover, this ‘majority’ did not vote to leave the Single Market or the Customs Union. Indeed, many prominent Leave campaigners indicated this would be neither intention nor outcome. But you, who campaigned to Remain, have now voted with the Prime Minister’s threat to bring about a situation that nobody voted for. That would be the Prime Minister who said ‘that she was a representative and not a “delegate” and was not obliged to be the voice of her constituents.’

Do you agree with the UK’s now potential exit from the Single Market? Do you now consider that leaving the EU is in the best interests of the country? If so, what has changed your mind?

I note that you also voted against guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens legally living in the UK. Do your constituents include such citizens? It is worth mentioning that that would be EU citizens living, working and paying their taxes in the UK, but who were denied a vote last June 23rd.

The Opposition party is virtually useless; it is necessary for those MPs in the governing party to challenge the Executive on this and properly represent their constituents and the country.

Yours [etc],


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