Rights of EU nationals

Dear [MP],

I write to seek clarification regarding an apparent change in your position regarding ‘Brexit’.

You are on record as having campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU. I presume, then, that you were – during the campaign – supportive of the rights of EU nationals living and working in the UK.

I am therefore confused by your recent ‘No’ vote in response to the Motion brought by Joanna Cherry on 19th October 2016, urging the House to ensure all EU nationals living in the UK retain their rights to live and work in the UK, if/when the UK exits the EU. cherrys-eu-motionI note that you are one of 293 Remain-campaigning MPs who voted ‘No’. Why, if you previously endorsed remaining in the EU – and thus the freedom to move and live and work anywhere therein – did you vote against the motion? Was this vote whipped to mask Tory party disunity on this issue whist the new Prime Minister beds in?

And have you considered the corollary? Do you (now) also reject retention of the rights of UK nationals who have exercised the right to live and work in the EU; those having made another country in the EU their home? How do you suppose those other countries might ultimately respond to the denial of their citizens’ EU rights by the UK? And what will be the stance taken by you and the 292 others in response?

Yours [etc.],


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