Reasons why I won’t be voting for The Blue Spectre:

Politics is easier in hindsight. A Prime Minister’s record is perhaps best judged (long) after leaving office, when the longer-term ramifications are more established (though perhaps nevertheless arguable). But, if it is worth judging someone by the company they keep, there are a number of reasons why I consider it obvious now that Cameron is not to be trusted; and why he (rather, his party’s candidate where I live) will not be getting my vote today:

  1. Andy Coulson  Certainly, Cameron’s judgement here has been in question since appointing his Director of Communications. Coulson is a convicted criminal conspirator of phone-hacking.
  2. Rebekah Brooks  Tainted by association with 1. And despot Rupert Murdoch. And 3.
  3. The Sun  Wednesday’s (6/5/15) front page is yet another example of the depths this rag will plumb (under Murdoch’s rudder) to secure victory for its nominee. Will Cameron condemn it? No, he perhaps considers it resets the balance, having taken vain exception to being cartoonishly portrayed as pudgy and balding. And then the Scotland version of Murdoch’s rag urges voters to go SNP! Hypocrisy? Divide and rule? Whatever, this is dangerous for the Union that Cameron purports to want to preserve. 
  4. Jeremy cHunt  See 2. For his schmoozing, when Culture Secretary, with 1., 2. and 3. Because he approved Murdoch’s bid towards media monopoly.
  5. Lynton Crosby  Recruited by Cameron to orchestrate a cynical negative campaign strategy (necessitated by the back foot on which he found himself, following his arrogant under-estimation of Miliband). Cue mantra-repeat of buzz phrases, and avoidance of issues to which attention is best not drawn. And, when necessary, get docile bagpuss Fallon to play the ‘dead cat‘ card.
  6. Nick Clegg  Actually, this is Clegg’s fault. Why? Perhaps because, in seats where in 2010 they ran the Tories close, Lib Dems are now seeing their voters ebb away because they haven’t forgiven the treachery, thus presenting those incumbent Tories with an increased majority?
  7. Maria Miller  Again, Cameron’s judgement exposed, appointing someone with a rotten attitude to the parliamentary code of conduct. For her graceless resignation.
  8. Andrew Mitchell  Ah, because it turns out he was, after all, an arrogant shite. Apparently perfectly acceptable to Cameron.
  9. Grant Shapps ( / Michael Green / …?)  Because he’s somewhat of a bullshitter, by many accounts. Though, as they’re probably not all true, he retains Cameron’s ‘full confidence.’ 
  10. Iain Duncan Smith  For his ‘nasty party’ demonisation of the poor and welfare-dependent. Because he strikes me as a bit of an empathy-deficient bully.
  11. Eric Pickles  Appointed by Cameron to suck up to faith groups following the departure of Warsi from cabinet. An establishment toady who meddles with the law in order to reverse legislation he doesn’t want to see enacted, and fatuously maintains the continued rejection and misrepresentation of secularism and secularists necessary for Cameron to keep the comb-over and blue rinse ‘Tory party at prayer’ on-side.
  12. David Cameron (… The Blue Spectre)  Because he wanted to become PM, not for any driven mission to change anything, but because he thought he’d “be good at it.” Because he has no conception of living on hard times. Because he is a super-connected PR stylist… and a wholly transparent one at that. Because he makes tyronic speeches and pulls his pretentiously serious face, and does that sucking his bottom lip thing. Because, at PMQs, he leans on his right forearm and talks to the faithful behind him, rather than look the opposition head on. For his asininely ignorant condemnation of Hilary Mantel’s superb (and actually respectful) ‘Royal Bodies‘ speech/article. Because of his hypocrisy in attacking Miliband’s ‘weaponising’ of the NHS, then cowardly employing the emotive family anecdote tactic as a deflective weapon in his affected fight for it. Because he misrepresents – to us – the sixth richest country in the world as a ‘Christian’ one, when it has more food banks than ever. Because he is incapable of facing down those with “fairly direct responsibility” who actually control his party (and by extension, the country). Because of his windsock response to Farage’s wind-bagging. Because he castigates the media for attempting to dictate the terms of the election debates, then interferes in the media’s deliberations over his pugilistic mate, Jeremy Clarkson. 

  Because I just don’t believe him.


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