CrISIS – Creationism In Schools Isn’t Science

It is good to have been away from my home country at a time when its simpering, grovelling politicians, obsequious media and fawning celebrities affect delight at some over-hyped nuptials. Mind you, you can´t totally escape it here, with the images cropping up on TV in the intervals between the copious football, and on the covers of newspapers and magazines I don´t buy (because I can´t read them). All good marketing for UK plc, I guess. Not interested myself.

However, being a member of the National Secular Society, from which I thus receive its weekly e-mail Newsline, there is something from back home that I consider worth drawing the attention (of interested scientists) to. As the Blue Spectre continues in his self-modelling into Blair Mk II process with his recently alarming abuse of non-separation of church and state quote:

“I’ve never really understood this argument about ‘Should the Church get involved in politics? Yes or no’. To me, Christianity, faith, religion, the Church is involved in politics because so many political questions are moral questions.”

delivered as he slimed over hosted a reception for religious leaders at Downing Street, we ought to remain vigilant against the creationist insidiousness that takes advantage of such wanton political confusion.

I´ll let you read for yourself here, and encourage you to sign the petition here.

One response to “CrISIS – Creationism In Schools Isn’t Science

  1. I don’t think the UK has an official separation of church and state – after all, our head of state is also the head of the Church of England, and any new bill requires Royal assent before it can be passed into law. A clear conflict of interests there.
    But, as I’m quite sure you already know, religion does not have a hegemony over morality. For Cameron, or any others, to state such a thing (implicitly or otherwise) only demonstrates wilfull ignorance of the many other branches of philosophy that deal with morality.
    More concerning than that, though, are probably the ‘charter’ schools which will start popping up in the UK soon (if not already). These appear to be able to ‘teach’ whatever they like, including in the field of Biology, while receiving some level of state support. I’ve been away for too long to be up to date on how they work exactly, but I see this as an easy avenue for the insidious spread of doctrinal ignorance. Booo! Hissssss!


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