The Center for Inquiry Launches Campaign for Free Expression

I am, for reasons I’m not wholly conversant with, on the E-mailing list of the US-based Center for Inquiry. Thus, I get invited to all sorts of seemingly fun stuff (including Amazon expeditions!), but which I’m unable to partake of, plying my trade as I do on the east side of the pond.

Anyway, of interest, perhaps, to all those following the Simon Singh–BCA rigmarole (hope you’ve written to your MP) is CFI’s launch of its Campaign for Free Expression, which, intriguingly, includes a flag for ‘International Blasphemy Day’, on September 30th, next.

As one who freely ‘blasphemes’ every day, but is mindful of the fact that many in the world are not afforded such liberty, I’ll be taking interest.

7 responses to “The Center for Inquiry Launches Campaign for Free Expression

  1. Now I’m all for having a good cuss, but Big Brother NN has warned us about the blasphemy thing. (3.2.iii). Shame really, it can really add zing to one’s comments.
    Just remember that if you post something about IBD later!

  2. OMGFSM. is scary. We abide by the rule:

    to keep to the discussion topic;

    We could kill NN by insisting on this rule being strictly adhered to.

  3. Thanks, Mike; yes, you’re right; it appears I was in contravention of our host’s T&Cs. But that’s easily remedied in this instance: I’ve unlinked, whilst retaining the info.

  4. I think it’s OK to keep the link – you’re simply directing anyone interested, not actually blaspheming here.
    Go on, redact your redaction…

  5. I think you were more accurate the first time. According to 3.2.iii, we shouldn’t link to ‘blasphemous material’. But the info is still there, should anyone want to Google it.
    I’ve no compunction with ‘blaspheming’, which is somewhat nebulous because it depends on who’s reading it. It comes down to that word ‘offensive’, which, looking again at 3.2.iii, we aren’t supposed to be. But then… how can we freely express?

  6. ‘Freedom of expression’ is nought but an illusion propagated by lawyers looking to make a bast fu fast buck in libel cases.


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