Sunday mischief

I’m struggling to round off the Discussion section of my draft. And how to pitch that application idea I’ve been occasionally mulling over (when my mind’s not on the draft). And I recently read the following:

’The immanence of God in his created order….. means that the central role of scientists, whether or not they acknowledge the fact, is to describe the activities of God in creation.’

Would it make me a better scientist if I believed this?

5 responses to “Sunday mischief

  1. Possibly.
    However, current legislation is pretty clear on the matter and if you think that not believing it is affecting your chances of getting that professorship then you may have a case.

  2. Is your glorious conclusion in the discussion section going to be “goddidit”? If so, then, of course, believe away…

  3. Hah! Most certainly not! I did it. If it wants to come in on the odd Sunday and feed cells, instead of navel-gazing, then it might get an acknowledgement.
    My ‘conclusion’ is hardly likely to be ‘glorious’. Too much negative data.


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