Act to prevent Tredinnick becoming Chair of the House of Commons Select Committee for Health

I note with interest the news of the resignation of Stephen Dorrell as Chair of the Commons Select Committee for Health. I am concerned to read that one of the primary contenders for the post will be existing Committee member, David Tredinnick.
In my opinion, Mr Tredinnick’s continued advocacy of unevidential complementary and alternative approaches renders him unsuitable for membership of this and the Science and Technology Committees. It would thus be increasingly detrimental to one or other Committee – and consequently to government – were he to be appointed Chair.
If you have a Conservative MP,  consider writing and asking him/her to neither vote for Mr Tredinnick in the ballot on June 18th, nor list him as Alternative Vote preference. Rather, I would suggest strong consideration of Dr Sarah Wollaston – a former GP who has demonstrated more reasoned consideration of issues during Committee inquiries.


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