King burgers

… and this morning Osborne said, “I was working late on a speech and I had a hamburger and the world is now talking about it.” Is that perhaps because you posted a stage-managed photo of yourself on your own PR Twitter account with the thing?! Some reaching effort to convince that, being well versed in fast food, you’re, hey… just a regular guy? Like the tired, miserable-looking fella sat to your right in the Commons yesterday, who didn’t look too overly-buoyed about being “… all in this together.”? Nick is on Facebook, don’t you know? Where he likes to post pictures of himself cosying up to various (in)dignitaries. Did you know Nick was at the G8? No, I missed him too. Nevertheless, he’s happy to remind us (or at least his mutating party) of his indispensable influence as international statesman: he actually had the gall to confront Barack Obama with the assertion that his blocking of the ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ is preventing US NSA access to UK citizen’s private data:

Clegg and Obama

“Yeah, course it is, Nick.”


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