Libel reform at risk… again

In case you’re not aware, the Defamation Bill is at Ping Pong, due to be debated again next Tuesday, 16th.

However, despite the recent good news of the agreement to remove the ‘Leveson’ amendment to the Defamation Bill, it seems that there are still some who seek to derail the Bill.

The Conservative MP, Sir Edward Garnier, a former(?) libel lawyer, has moved to scupper the Bill through an amendment to remove a central plank – that which protects individuals from corporate bullying litigation.

The timing of this disgraceful attempt to curtail freedom of speech in this country is interesting. If this charmer‘s amendment succeeds, the Bill is rendered virtually useless. What chance, then, individuals such as Lesley Kemp, who is currently facing the kind of situation that the Bill was intended to protect against?

Please see here for further info…. and do write to your MP soonest.

3 responses to “Libel reform at risk… again

  1. Thank you for highlighting my case. For the past 6 months I have felt bullied, harassed and intimidated and I cannot even begin to describe the stress I have suffered but worse what my kind, supportive, loyal husband has had to bear. Thanks to the generosity of spirit and donations from good folk for which I shall forever be grateful, I have a chance to stand up with good conscience and say NO, I will NOT be bullied.

    • Hi Lesley. I don’t quite understand what is going on in your case, but find it very disturbing. I wish you well. You must despair at the interrupted progression of the Defamation Bill.

      • Thank you. Before all this blew up I am sorry to say that I knew very little about the Defamation Bill. I was simply your average gal who thought it was okay to make an honest criticism in public in the same way that you might praise or endorse a service. Had absolutely no idea that it was so easy to sue someone for libel for thousands of pounds and that the law is in the claimant’s favour. Now that I’m more clued up on the subject, yes I am pretty despairing of it all. Thanks again for your concern. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.


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