BMC Cancer, WDDTY and homeopathy: ‘new’ comment

It took (me) a month to get a comment posted on a paper on BMC Cancer’s site. My abbreviated version (which appeared five days after re-submitting it) has now sat there for three weeks alongside Kausik’s, both seemingly being roundly ignored. As is my query concerning the full text of my original blog post. What to do? Does it matter?

Well, actually, as a QuackRag deems that the paper in question constitutes subject(ive) matter for (re-)citation, then yes, I think it does. So I have re-worked and combined my original post (2,588 words) with material from it’s second follow-up (1,645 words) into a composite edited comment, and as of today, submitted it for posting at BMC Cancer. Kind of a test. I won’t (re-)bore you with it here (unless anybody wants me to) as, at 1989 words, it is still lengthy (– thus likely too lengthy for acceptance). But I will update on whether and when it appears.


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