Are you of the opinion that:

  • church and state should be separate entities, and there should be no established state religion
  • the laws of the land should apply equally to all, without hindrance or privilege or exception
  • people should have freedom of (religious) belief – or lack thereof – without discrimination; and that…
  • free expression – including criticism of those beliefs – is an inviolate right
  • (state-funded) education should be free of religious affiliation, dictates and influence


If you find yourself nodding in assent to most of this then you are interested in secularism, and concurring, at least in large part, with the ‘Secular Charter’ of the National Secular Society, as formally sanctioned at last year’s AGM, and of which (excepting the last point, which I myself am quizzical towards, as were many members at that AGM) the above is paraphrased précis.

Hence, you may also be interested to learn, if you haven’t already, that, following the success of last year’s inaugural NSS conference, this year’s event takes place next month – on Saturday 22nd September – and for which I understand that (as I write) tickets are still available.

If you haven’t yet clicked that link, allow me to continue informing that the list of speakers includes: as Keynote, Richard Dawkins; journalist and author Nick Cohen; human rights activist Maryam Namazie; and the indomitable Peter Tatchell.

If you can make it, I can guarantee you will encounter interesting and challenging – and challengeable – viewpoints.

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