Back into view IV (or: Continuing exercises in futility)

In my Inbox this morning, a Jobsite Jobs-by-Email Alert for ‘Post Production Editor’. Money not great, but in (what I remember as) a nicer town than my current residence, so I clicked for details, wherein the Job Summary immediately informed that the recruiting organisation is God TV.

Despite having filtered out most of the ‘lying-for-a-living’ crap that was finding its way through and taking up too much of my time sifting and deleting, it seems these things are not leakproof. Because, although the terms ‘advertising’/‘marketing’/‘PR’ do not figure in the summary, what they do require is:

‘… a dynamic & creative person who can edit original material which has been shot by the in-house production department and convey it’s true potential through creative flair and expertise in order to produce stunning promos & interstitials.’ (My emphasis in bold.)

In other words… advertising. (Shouldn’t that be ‘interstices’ as the noun? Unless they’re flogging imperfect crystals.) Well, being unfamiliar and intrigued, I took myself to the God TV site, where you can read all about the mission, vision and beliefs espoused by God TV’s Founders, the lovely Rory & Wendy (careful, Lee, you’re giving them publicity), who will be happy to accept your donations and partnership commitment levies on behalf of Angel Charities.

The eleemosynary presentation and promotion of faith. None of which suckerdom interests me in the slightest. But I wonder whether the application process for jobs in this organisation requires some demonstration of endorsement of said mission, vision and beliefs. The job advert does not stipulate so – because, legally, it cannot. That would be discriminatory. I guess commencing the Job Summary with ‘God TV’ suffices as ‘The-ungodly-need-not-apply’ filter here.


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