Protestation II

The following has received no response fifteen days after sending…

An open letter to More London

Dear [More London],

Thank you for your reply to my query. However, I’m afraid I remain somewhat confused.

You state that ‘Our Crowd Control Plan was submitted to the London Borough of Southwark.’ But was it presented to the organisers of the Republic protest during your ‘communication’ with them? I am informed that More London made no mention of plans to restrict access; rather, it indicated that it would be open to all members of the public – whether protesting or celebrating. And was it presented to, and/or discussed with the police, who were also confused by, and unimpressed with, your security policy on the day?

Although Potters Fields Park was also closed, there was plenty of open space there, should any evacuation have been necessary.

Furthermore, if you had a prior plan, did you endeavour to make this information publicly available prior to the event, in consideration of the fact that a lot of people would be visiting London that day?

Either there was, or was not, a prior policy of unrestricted access. If there was, was it communicated effectively to those – ie protesters – who had prior police permission for this organised protest? If there was not, when exactly did the policy operated on the day come into effect?

With thanks for your time and attention,

Yours etc,


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