Spreading the reasonable word

Do you ever wonder, like I do, that blogging here is becoming (has become) akin to pissing in the wind? I guess that depends on why you do it … genuine desire to advance/promote/dis(seminate) some standpoint/information/opinion/argument; a vehicle for CV-enhancing self-promotion; an echo chamber for the attention-seeker?

As I’m no longer a working scientist, I do ask myself this. But then I’m encouraged by Nicoli Nattrass’s recent piece in NewScientist in my belief that doing this is a worthwhile endeavour – even though, nay, because I’m (technically) no longer a practitioner of the caliginous art. And, what with the Twitter-dissing Blue Spectre – who is supposedly much busier than I – considering quizzical frown-inducing texts a worthwhile use of his time (although I personally wish he’d devote more of it to samurai-ing virtual fruit rather than the livelihoods of the un-rich), I don’t see why I should beat myself up about doing it unpaid.

And even though my recent scoffing at this year’s Templeton Foundation’s prize award might now be argued as unwarranted on account of its recipient’s subsequent philanthropy, I maintain that this award is simply an apologetics marketing ruse. (Wonder whether the DL will send the BS a message expressing his sadness and condolence s now that the latter’s text buddy is in the dock). So, allow me to alert you to another instance of the need to be on our guard against the march of pseudoscience’s educational infiltration. We can’t all get our views into national newspapers; some of us are even prevented by our local ones, lest we offend one or two types too sensitive to withstand free and warranted criticism of their respective comfort blankets. So… keep on spreading the word…

2 responses to “Spreading the reasonable word

  1. I feel you, brother. (I suspect you know that. hehe.) :D But notwithstanding the resounding silence in form of comments, I still think (… in fact, I can say I believe) that dissemination of any and all rational thoughts and arguments is necessary – imperative, actually, because the forces of unreason ain’t dwindling any time soon.


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