Support plant scientists facing destruction of their research

After seeing this on the TV news yesterday, I was this morning forwarded the following e-mail, which I reproduce here (appropriately edited) as self-explanatory. Alternatively, you can go direct to the Sense About Science site for more information.

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Subject: Please support plant scientists facing destruction
of their research
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 07:04:59 +0100
From: Tabitha Innocent <senseaboutscie…>
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Dear Friends

Please support plant scientists facing destruction of their

You may have seen in today’s press that protesters are
planning to destroy John Pickett’s team’s chemical ecology
research at Rothamsted on 27^th May because it uses
genetically modified wheat. The researchers are appealing
for them to call off the destruction and discuss the work:
“Growing wheat has an environmental toll of extensive
insecticide use to control aphid pests. The research, which
is non-commercial, is investigating how to reduce that by
getting the plants to repel aphids with a natural
pheromone… As scientists we know only too well that we
don’t have all the answers. But if the work is destroyed,
we’ll lose years of work and we will never know whether it
could reduce the environmental impact of wheat growing.”

Sense About Science stands up for people whose research
faces intimidation or suppression. We know that you will do
all you can to make it clear that destroying scientific
research is not acceptable.

Please read their letter,
watch their video
and add your support to their appeal.

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Other things you can do to help:

  • Send the message far and wide: forward the link to
    friends and colleagues
  • Share the support form using Twitter hashtag
    #defendscience and share the link on Facebook

Yours in haste


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