Querulous querying

We bloggers are, I consider, fortunate to be afforded the privilege to air our thoughts and interests and opinions on this platform for free (- provided we take heed of _NN_’s Ts&Cs provisos). In so doing, we are, unless we choose to stick to (what others might deem) fence-sitting mediocrity and banality, perhaps desiring of being read and, consequently, receptive as to whether any interest provoked may or may not result in the reader feeling driven to post a comment. (Suggestion for comment on this post: ‘Lee, that title is shite!’)

This is potentially problematic…. Oh come on, Lee, people get the point you’re making! Right, in short, unless spam (which continues to plague this site), or über- troll-ish, then comments are fair play. If we don’t like them, we can choose to ignore them (a resort I have used myself). What we do not do is respond to fair comment, query, challenge or contention – by deleting. We can freely retract our own words (with or without qualification), but not those of others. Not only is it the total antithesis of the (intended) spirit here – it is censorship.

I think the text of my e-mail to the NN staff is sufficiently informative:


I feel driven to inform you of the difficulty I am having commenting on a particular post, namely:


I have, I feel, made reasonable comments and queries on this piece: I consider it vague and brief, and sought to seek clarification as to what it is about; and to challenge what it seems in part to imply. However, any comment I now post thereon is quickly removed.

Is there a fault; or has my name been black-listed by this blogger? If the latter, I object. Moreover, I wish to retrieve the comments I have made there, but I can’t find a listing for my own comments.

(I would have copied the post author into this e-mail, but contact details are not provided on the profile page.)

Could you kindly enlighten?

With thanks for your time… etc’

Following this, one recoverable comment was re-posted. However, this open query as to why my other comments have been removed was itself removed yesterday. Censored. For querying information / challenging a viewpoint. Pathetic! Worse – unscientific.

2 responses to “Querulous querying

  1. Another possibility is to contact a commenter directly (when details are available) to try and clarify things more privately, or request they stop posting on a certain issue. It’s worked for me in the past, when one NN commenter insisted on banging on about such a trivial (and off topic) point that I felt it distracted from the rest of the (on topic) discussion.
    But I’m completely against (on topic) censorship. And don’t think I’d try to interact further with someone who censored me. Highlighting such behaviour within your blog community is perfectly valid. It allows us to better judge how a discussion is (has) taking (taken) place. I actually saw some of your comments before they were taken down, and thought they were perhaps overly mild. My own questions would have been more direct, but I didn’t think they would have elicited a more meaningful response than the somewhat empty content of the post.
    Oh, and Lee, that title is shite! I’d recommend “On wankers” instead.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I would have welcomed being contacted ‘off the record’, but why this didn’t happen, despite the profile availability of my e-mail address, I can’t know. My ‘overly mild’-ness would suggest approachability, surely?
    Thanks for the recommended title (- but kind of got that saved for something else…).


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