‘Science on Trial’

Well, nothing much to say; still frayed and blocked, following a long Irish weekend with ‘The Venerable Pogues’, and a frightening (in that I have to next follow a wonderful presentation from a quality colleague) lab meeting this morning, and so for all I know, not having been among these leaves for a little while, someone may have already let you know this, but in case not – and if you’re following the Simon Singh case and The Libel Reform Campaign (the site for which doesn’t appear to list this as yet) – I’ve just learnt (if I heard correctly) that BBC Radio 4 will tomorrow night (Thurs 18/2; 9 pm) be broadcasting a program of interest.

Keep prodding(,) people: apathy needs it.

4 responses to “‘Science on Trial’

  1. Aye Matt, of course, sorry; I was away at the start of the week and hadn’t caught up.
    Nothing much new for those who’ve been following, but interesting nonetheless. I was disturbed by the one plaintiff willing to be interviewed. The word ‘charlatanry’ cf calling someone a charlatan. Hmm. It’s difficult, isn’t it? “Use the academic tongue,” he said. Is that the same as ‘parliamentary procedure,’ which dictates that MPs cannot call another a liar in The House? But if it’s not charlatanry, or not knowingly promoting ‘bogus’ treatments, then what is it? Either the product/treatment works (in a sufficient number of instances to render it important); or it doesn’t, but the promoter believes it does, regardless. What do we call that: delusion?
    These cases run for so long, in part because the plaintiff does not have to provide evidence to counter the points that are deemed defamatory, and is almost certain to win, and so, unperturbed by mounting legal costs, can sit pretty, while it becomes increasingly difficult for the defendant, who is unlikely to get legal aid, will be seriously out of pocket either way, and hence is faced with a virtually impossible fight.


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