Feckless scratchings

The atmosphere at CERN awaiting the turn-on of the repaired Large Hadron Collider was said to be “electric.” Well, yeah? On the cover of one of those supermarket checkout magazines, an over-siliconed attention-seeker was quoted as saying she wants to be loved again. Hell, no! On a recent controversy, I’ve found myself in agreement with an attention span-deficient football commentator. Well, so? And a scientologist-actor-cum-rock-chick assured that no-one is taking her money. Strange, when you consider the fees Scientology levies for its ‘auditing’. Is she, then, freely giving it (for it is the genius of mind control that the controlled believe they exercise free will); or, being a celebrity, does she, as often comes the way of celebrities prepared to endorse, get paid for it? I don’t know. But money comes easily to those with a moneyed public profile. Easy money corrupts. Unless the endorser believes the endorsement. How are we to know? In the straggler-awaiting lull before Wednesday morning’s lab meeting, I broke the silence by attempting the Schrödinger’s Cat joke, and was met with total nonplus. Maybe they’ll get it next time, eh? Or maybe not. And watching the Science and Technology Select Committee’s hearing on evidence for homeopathy, I confess to being irritated by some of the “balance” in the questioning, which implied that the onus is not on the homeopaths, but on sceptics to justify ‘categorically’ that their water-shaking doesn’t work (thank you, Peter Fisher, for probably the best laugh I’ve had all week). I mean, I can’t categorically say that Jesus didn’t heal the sick, can I? And if forced into a choice between homeopathy and prayer, well I think I’d be tossing a coin on that one. But many believe that the latter works (for them), despite lack of positive trial evidence. Maybe that’s part of homeopathy’s appeal – the personal; and partly accounts for im-personal scientific-based medicine’s difficulty in convincing many of its inefficacy. (Well, if it’s good enough for royalty.) And why personable celebrity pseudoscientific endorsement of products generally can blindside the absence of – and be more lucrative than – any positive clinical trial outcome. And then infuriated by having to repeatedly reset my ageing desktop, I slapped it so hard, it fell over – and has since worked fine. And something is going on at the LHC that is apparently altering time. Enough of this confusion! I’m off to buy some nine-times-expanding collagen biospheres. Imagine what you might do with them!

3 responses to “Feckless scratchings

  1. Heh. Someone recently told me about the “four-inch” rule to fix my PC tower, also on the blink – you lift it up and drop it on a hard surface from that height. I swear that was this week. Now you go and show me up for being a skeptic. Sheesh.


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