Four months!
Thirteen passages (including three by a very supportive Lab Manager during my oblivion).
Always acknowledge a courtesy
Sensitive cells (before you quiz, “So what?”).
Although not growing in the manner I’d like (or in the manner I assume they should, but I – and others – could have been wrong all along)…
Avoid cliques
… they are still surviving, still proliferating, still responding, still staining positive.
Which is kind of encouraging.
Say “Good morning” to a stranger
However, stagnant ideas offer no improvement.
Never vote conservative
But I’m inefficient at discarding: in my sedulousness (Yeah, right!) I waste gallons of medium, and acres of plastic, and affinity columns of growth factor, and black holes of time.
Don’t kiss and tell
They taunt; in need of something else; something I haven’t figured out yet.
Don’t steal a march on a friend
Don’t usually stick around this long, though. Must be doing something right.

Today is test and (maybe) passage again.

TBC (perhaps…)


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