Procrastination (or, I’m a lazy sod!)

I’ve been lazy today: into work briefly, hurriedly, to set up a half-hearted experiment, which won’t work, but if I don’t make use of the tissue, I feel guilty – seriously, I do – even though it isn’t like I don’t have other stuff that constitutes legitimate excuse (double negative there, but you know what I mean); but what’s worse: slinging into Virkon yesterday, or slinging Virkon over the resulting culture in the middle of next week? All because I thought ‘bugger it’, deciding, as I had, to watch the live game that kicked off at 1245; but, three pints of Guinness later, it became apparent, as it does whenever I feel like I’ve wasted time, that I will reach the close of this day somewhat slightly narked with myself for getting nothing done, because three pints of Guinness and catching up on chores do not tend to happen, for me, in that order; so, instead, I’ve been perusing a pile of music magazines, skipping around to You Say He’s Just A Psychic Friend, and pondering a quote I found in an old notebook (the source of which, I neglected to record):

Continuous small achievement is the key to happiness.

So, what’re going to do tomorrow, boy…?

– Get up early!
– Tidy and clean up (at least empty the cutlery tardis)
– Write a couple of overdue letters
– Go into work: give a bit more thought and TLC to that culture to see if it can be rendered informative, and;
try and darn another hole in that interminably evolving draft
– Play football (yes, exercise! Instead of sitting on yer lazy twad with a pint in yer mitt, watching others).

Then, perhaps, I’ll relax with the paper and a glass of something. And hopefully feel like I’ve earned it.

5 responses to “Procrastination (or, I’m a lazy sod!)

  1. Where can I get a cutlery tardis?! Probably not available for US model dishwashers. :-(
    Sometimes it seems to me that weekend experiments follow a strange law of diminishing returns. I can’t always control when cells or embryos are ready, and therefore occasionally I end up doing experiments on the weekend. They seem to have a higher failure rate, sometimes just for the random reason that there are no homozygous mutants in the litter, or whatever.
    I wasn’t especially productive today (finished knitting the back of a sweater jumper, dug up part of the front garden, dinked around with a teaching schedule at work), and I expect to be even less productive tomorrow. It’s been raining for the past few days, and that means the horses will be muddy = 30 minutes messy grooming work before anything useful can be done with them.

  2. Yes, where did the day go? I think the key is Get up early Didn’t happen today – woke up early but back to sleep and suddenly it was past 9. Eventually got to the gym and then it was midday. Out to the supermarket and back, then into town for a haircut. Before I knew it it was time to start cooking dinner.
    Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

  3. The diminishing return of weekend experiments. Hmmm, that could explain a lot.
    You both read like you’ve gotten things done; whereas I feel all I’ve managed is sloth. And it bothers me, for some reason.

  4. I think the key is Get up early
    For me there’s often a gap between Wake up early and Get up early on the weekends. My circadian rhythm is definitely larkish, so I naturally wake up early; however, on the weekends, I often like to lie abed and read, because I don’t have that luxury during the week. This morning, Elizabeth Kostova’s vampire novel, The Historian, kept me from getting up early (apart from a brief excursion to make coffee and let the dog out).

  5. Continuous small achievement is the key to happiness.
    You’re on to something there, Lee. That was the lesson I took from Touching the Void
    Hope, for your sake, you’re not a United fan!


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