Lllayyy-zee Sahnday Arrftahnoon-ah!

I like afternoons like this: outside it’s cold and damp, but I’m now warm and dry, having been into work, filling the gaps in some ‘n’ numbers, then for a swim; and, feeling pleasantly exhausted, I’m about to settle down with a smoked bacon, stilton and avocado sandwich, a glass of red, my Sunday newspaper, a book and Ludwig’s glorious Ninth. Bliss!

Well, almost. But never underestimate simple pleasures; indulge them when you can. The rest can wait (at least until tomorrow).

6 responses to “Lllayyy-zee Sahnday Arrftahnoon-ah!

  1. I always try to finish work-related stuff on Sunday morning, so that I have the afternoon free to ride my horses and play polocrosse with my friends. There are 32 mph wind gusts today, which made trying to hurl (and catch) the ball accurately rather like an exercise in physics. I thought the wind gusts might also make it a practice session for the beach at Cromer in two weeks’ time, but it’s 72F here.
    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon, Stephen and Lee.

  2. Kristi, I now feel ashamed of my Sunday sedentary slothfulness (well, almost). In redemption, I will be playing football this evening, which, come tomorrow, I’ll likely regret (it hurts more than it used to).
    my horse-s’ ? How many do you have?

  3. Lee, I have two horses, both Thoroughbreds. I keep them at my friends’ ranch, just west of town. It’s pretty reasonable financially to keep horses here; less expensive than most other places in the US, and than every place in Europe, perhaps. I could never afford to keep even one horse, if I still lived in the UK.
    Lately I’ve been volunteering at the Horse Show out at the fairgrounds, inspecting health papers for the equine competitors. Our neighbors at the Horse Arrivals Station are these handsome heavy horses. (I think they left out a “2”, in front of Andy’s “330 pounds”) Must cost a fortune to feed them, and they have a team of human attendants to groom and exercise them, and to polish their hooves and their tack.


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