Merry Mithras

No, not a lisp; just recognition that the season in which to be gulled by over-commerciality, and to gluttonise and over-indulge, is of an ancientness that makes its Christian appropriation look like a mere bairn on religion’s evolutionary timescale. I do my darnedest to ignore it: trees in shopping malls in October; working kids into a too-soon frenzy (remember how slowly time passed when you were a child? Agony wasn’t it?); pseudy-sentimental celebrities reminding us what a ‘special time’ it is; unnecessary thought and worry, such that, when it arrives, we’re already bored of the whole tedious, dutiful business, and looking forward to getting it out the way. The older we get, the less we need its ostentatious metronome ticking away at our lives, but the more we are forced to confront it by the marketing god who commands allegiance and attention.

Yet, as I come out of my ‘Bah Humbug!’ pre-period and allow it to enter my thoughts, I now – now – happily acknowledge it is (almost) upon us. I do enjoy it: I welcome the break; the getting together with the family; the opportunity to rekindle some neglected friendships; and, of course, the excuse to gluttonise and over-indulge. Never mind ascetics; I’m happy to take in the spirit of the season – starting with a nice long G&T… (As for ‘good will to all men’, well shouldn’t that apply anyway, whatever time of year?)

But not yet. I’ve four experiments on the go, determined in part by an equipment window of otherwise unavailability. And, you never know, one might just be a clincher. And another could potentially lead to a grant application; another I predict will come to nought (probably the ‘clincher’). And with it quietening down and people already having gone, I might just get a few of those odds and ends out of the way… And then I’ll travel on Xmas Eve (late, to avoid the traffic), in anticipation of a pleasant few days… before New Year starts to rear its supercilious head, that is.

Have a good one – Cheers!

One response to “Merry Mithras

  1. a Happy Saturnalia too!
    How much do u know about the mystery cult of Mithras?
    that’s awesome.
    good luck with ur expts!


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