An evening with Kristin

The other day here in Kareopolis, I was roundly ripped to pieces by two colleagues during a bout of Tissue Culture lab banter. Having declined an invitation to a pub curry evening I was quizzed as to why, the assumption being that I had an alternative ‘hot date’ lined up. After some ping-pong on this, I confessed – that I would be going to the cinema ‘with’ Kristin again. They didn’t twig and I happily left them dangling from my line. Serves ‘em right, nosey bleeders! And a nice evening it was. A good film is like a good experiment – always worth repeating, because it will likely prove multifariously informative. Why is it that I can happen upon the former without too much difficulty, but the latter…?

And I’ve been thinking of buying a painting of a Grévy’s zebra that I’d seen exhibited at the cinema a few weeks back when I went to see Jar City, a dark Icelandic crime thriller with a plot brilliantly constructed around the inheritance pattern of a genetic disease. (Science and crime – Maxine, you might like.)

Life in the Tissue Culture lab is not all doom and gloom. Living Colour tomorrow night. And Kristin has another film out.

One response to “An evening with Kristin

  1. I’m a big fan of Arnaldur Indridason’s books – I have read all the ones translated to date and reviewed most of them. Jar City (also called Tainted Blood) was to my mind the least successful because the plot depended on the code for a double-blind experiment being broken, which is not possible (if the experiment is double-blinded properly). However, the book was good, as you say, it is not that usual for a novel to get to grips with a scientific topic; and the subsequent titles get even better. Unfortunately the film, which has received excellent reviews, has not made it to the outer reaches of Kingston upon Thames so I will have to wait for the DVD.


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