Swine and cosmetics

(… Three Different Ones)

Let’s hear it for the FA big(in need of)wigs who, in negotiating a bigger deal with a particular sports broadcasting company for exclusive live coverage of the England World Cup Qualifying away matches, failed(/did not attempt) to prevent its blocking other channels from screening the highlights (I mean extended on the night; not the following evening as I write) of the nation’s – that’s our, my – football team’s marvellous win in Croatia. Presumably they need all the income they can generate in order to pay Fabio his big fat salary. Wonder if they gave a thought to this when they sat and cheered and took the praise in the stadium on their all expenses-paid trip? Cheers lads.

And a big pat on the back, not to the marketing team at Specsavers (because what would you expect from a marketing team?), but to whoever owns the copyright to that footage of Edith Piaf performing Non, je ne regrette rien, for allowing its misappropriation through subtitled suggestion (lightheartedly; ha ha, yeah, hilarious) of her posthumous endorsement of said company’s products, thus dowsing an appassionato flame (not unlike Mariah Carey’s damp squib treatment of Without You).

And well done to Republicans for pointing out to their country (and the world) that it really should be wary of electing someone who has obviously revealed himself to be a misogynistic, chauvinistic sexist. I mean, they even made the effort to help us by pointing out that Barack Obama actually referred directly to Sarah Palin as a pig. Just in case we missed it. Otherwise, who would believe it?

And I ponder as I dry the fruits of my Capsicum chinense.


  • David Peace: The Damned Utd


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