Be afraid…

If you think what goes on politically and religiously and scientific-educationally in the USA has no bearing anywhere else, then I’d like a hit of whatever it is you’re taking. Spend a few minutes listening to Sarah Palin, Republican Vice Presidential running mate to John McCain. This, and her advocating of creationist teachings, are, I suppose, none too remarkable; just continuation of the incumbent conservative religious right’s mantra. But then put these together with what Brian Clegg highlighted earlier today, and shouldn’t we call it what it is?

Call me oversensitive (perhaps); call me biased (which I’m not). But why does this not provoke greater furore? The thought of crusading totalitarian fascists in The White House. Fascinating.

5 responses to “Be afraid…

  1. If you think what goes on politically and religiously and scientific-educationally in the USA has no bearing anywhere else
    To me, it seems unlikely that anyone who reads these NN blogs would think that.
    But why does this not provoke greater furore?
    It does. Check some of the ScienceBlogs, for example. Institutional legal policies prevent me from writing about political issues in a blog with my name and university affiliation attached. My furor will be expressed elsewhere, pseudonymously, FWIW.

  2. That Sarah Palin, eh? What a piece of work. A creationist, anti-abortionist, book-burner who thinks climate-change isn’t anthropogenic and (I believe) thinks Alaska should secede from the Union. If she gets in we’re all screwed. One could say that if the Americans vote for her they’ll get the government they deserve, but it’s everyone’s government too, in a way, but most of us aren’t entitled to vote – and we deserve better.

  3. Hey, wait one moment – the thing in the US is that it’s really just about split in the middle – with those AGAINST Palin and the likes in the minority… by just a fraction… for the last decade or so. I have MANY friends there who a) absolutely disagree with the far-right religious republicans, and b) do NOT deserve a McCain/Palin government.

  4. I have heard about nothing but Sarah Palin for the last few days. The Wall Street Journal forgot to write about finance and wrote only about her. I think it would be incorrect to say that there is not enough attention being paid. In fact, I think my head might explode if I hear another thing about her.

  5. Whilst I’m sure (at least I like to think) most of us in the ‘science blogosphere’ align on this, I guess I’m hoping we can reach beyond to general/lay readers. Naive, but we have to try. Orwell wasn’t a scientist.
    Wherever the split lies is probably neither here nor there, judging by The Republican ‘win’ in the last election.


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