Today is a significant day. I made a decision a while back to remain in Scumsville based on many reasons – including an element of unreason. But after living a semi-nomadic life for nigh on 25 years (including time floating around on this thing, although apparently not at the altitude of some of its current company) I decided not to move again (yet). Change can be a good thing; but sometimes a permutating environment can amount to similar. I wish the departees well.

However, some things are bound to happen regardless – including an attack of the PCR ghost. For some reason a bunch of new primers are yielding zilch product, but (troubleshooting clue) neither are my housekeeping primers. (Let me know, any non-molecular biologists who’ve happened upon this, if you require explanation.) But I currently have little inclination to determine why, and so am relying on some London-situated distraction tomorrow. I’ve got to catch an early train, which might be problematic, but I’ll get there as soon as I can – keep the coffee strong and hot.


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