‘Merely’ does not apply

I have previously blogged on an amazing animal. I have no indication that anybody read the piece or was the least bit interested, so am unlikely to increase my readership by coming back to it. However, we don’t blog for fame (do we?); we do it because we can, and we like to. And I’ve been re-stimulated by an article in the latest NewScientist, which gives me further excuse to indulge myself. (After all, trying to blog on something that one doesn’t find interesting is like, well, culturing cells.) So, if you’ve stopped by here, treat yourself to a look at the persuadability of an epideictic epidermis. Why, oh why, do we humans still assume we are more evolved?

What’s my attempted tenuous connection this week? Well, having had my own hide pricked repeatedly for anti-febrifacient stimulation, I’m off to the land of vibrancy and colour for a friend’s wedding here.

Epiphany or epiphenomenon? It’s complicated.

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