On the road

After a busy and unusual week, involving much water-treading stained cell counting, cursing over failed immunohistochemistry experiments, doing stuff for a student with a freshly-snapped radius, a sparky exchange on this blog (which remains open to civil discussion), and the resurrection of an intense personal issue (not for discussion at all), I’m away to multi-cultural Leicester for the weekend, girded with lilies, it being Mother’s Day, to spend some time with my accommodating mater (who is agnostic), her amiable husband (non-practising Anglican), my effervescent sister (who prefers to keep her religious leanings to herself – fair enough), and my mother’s dog, a friendly, blond Tibetan Terrier (on whose religion I cannot comment) who is now old and so ill that this might very well be the last time I see her, which I’ll be thinking of while I’m driving, and the other stuff… and further displacing the decision on which of those three forks to take.


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