Catholic Blair

Perhaps it is little surprise that Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism. Apparently, as part of the conversion process, before receiving full communion, he would have had to confess all his sins and declare that he believes everything the church teaches as revealed truth. Though predictable, this raises a number of nonetheless interesting questions concerning his voting record as an MP and time as Prime Minister: on war in Iraq; abortion; support for embryonic stem cell research; gay adoption; the un-Christian widening of the gap between rich and poor that occurred on his watch. (Paxman, please interview him now.)

He had apparently been wishing, planning and preparing to convert for some time. Which might make one wonder why did he not do so while still in office? He prayed whilst deliberating over whether to send troops to Iraq (even though his mate across the pond provided first-hand assurance that this was okay). What is more interesting is that during Parliament’s debate on embryo experimentation, he is quoted as having said “We are acting beyond our competence”. Doesn’t that strike as odd? He couldn’t convert while still serving, because it would have made things incredibly complicated. Pragmatism and utilitarianism are defendable. Never mind, convert later and repent, and everything will be fine. Doublethink!

Politicians lie to us with impunity, even though they are accountable to us, because we – not God – elect them. But he’s not an MP anymore. And he has his conscience to wrestle with. Absolution comes in handy. Cheers, Tone.

One response to “Catholic Blair

  1. Perhaps he should have instead followed the lead of the original converted politician, probably the most important backer of the nascent religion. Constantine allowed Christianity to flourish after the Edict of Milan in 313, slowly converted over the course of his life, but waited to be baptized until he was on his death bed. Poof! No more sins!
    With Mr. Blair as the special envoy assisting the Middle East peace process, it may have been wiser to absolve all of his sins and missteps AFTER stepping down from that post…


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