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Dialogue with a homeopath

In my continuing Twitter distraction phase, I’ve recently bumped into a(nother) homeopath, initially drawn by I don’t recollect what, but whatever it was stimulated a saunter over to her public website (because that’s what it’s for), drawn to this. As I read, my brow soon furrowed at, not so much a total ‘medicine-is-bad-therefore-homeopathy-works’ screed (and no mention … Continue reading

DM quackery

Is the media complicit in promoting quackery?

Having read Edzard Ernst’s recently published memoir, A Scientist in Wonderland, in which he describes at length the real trouble he has encountered beyond mere repeated (and ongoing) attempts to besmirch his character and integrity (which can be troubling enough), it perhaps doesn’t do to whine about fallacious reactions to one’s own (brick-wall-head-banging) contra-quackery activities. … Continue reading

Dryden tweet response

Calling out (in)Clement information

Avoiding cancer is a doddle! So declareth the esteemed oncologist, George Dryden, on her authoritative medical blog, ‘it shouldn’t happen to a vegan™’. Sorry, wait, strike that; so pontificateth, the Brian Clement-beguiled, Hippocrates Health Institute-certified ‘Health Educator’, George Dryden, on her egregious generator of wind for blowing up her guru’s freshly-flushed jacksy. I don’t know … Continue reading

Act to prevent Tredinnick becoming Chair of the House of Commons Select Committee for Health – again

It is now a year since the resignation of Stephen Dorrell as Chair of the Commons Select Committee for Health. I was concerned to read then that one of the ‘primary contenders‘ as his replacement was (then) Committee member, David Tredinnick. Fortunately, he bombed in the ballot, accruing a mere nine votes and being eliminated at the first round of voting. … Continue reading

A(nother) Twitter on homeopathy: shameless propaganda and ‘trolling’

Though I might have previously been aware of her activity here and there without taking much notice, I think I first ‘directly’ encountered arch homeopathy propagandist Sandra (Hermann-)Courtney when she once turned up at my blog here, and posted a compendium of family/friend/pet anecdotes. After I replied with my objection to her homeopathy-promoting opportunism, she returned in a … Continue reading

Source: http://molhoingles.com/bollocks/

A(nother) case for Coleus fornicans

Amidst the mammoth ding-dong going on over at The Telegraph, under an article entitled ‘Homeopathy on the NHS to be reviewed‘, a recent comment and ensuing sub-thread reminded me of something from my time as a frustrated, flailing researcher, and to which I thought worth posting a comment link… and subsequently re-airing here. ————————————————————— A case for Coleus … Continue reading

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Reasons why I won’t be voting for The Blue Spectre:

Politics is easier in hindsight. A Prime Minister’s record is perhaps best judged (long) after leaving office, when the longer-term ramifications are more established (though perhaps nevertheless arguable). But, if it is worth judging someone by the company they keep, there are a number of reasons why I consider it obvious now that Cameron is … Continue reading

From: http://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2011/may/30/poem-week-cuckoo-song

Tweeting Tredinnick’s testimonies

A compendium of (the unedited version of) recently tweeted quotes of David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, with links to sources (and correction of one or two date typos, which are of the source, not necessarily of the quote). Tredinnick has held Bosworth in Leicestershire since 1987. If re-elected next Thursday (May 7th), he is likely … Continue reading


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