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Reasons why I won’t be voting for The Blue Spectre:

Politics is easier in hindsight. A Prime Minister’s record is perhaps best judged (long) after leaving office, when the longer-term ramifications are more established (though perhaps nevertheless arguable). But, if it is worth judging someone by the company they keep, there are a number of reasons why I consider it obvious now that Cameron is … Continue reading


Tweeting Tredinnick’s testimonies

A compendium of (the unedited version of) recently tweeted quotes of David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, with links to sources (and correction of one or two date typos, which are of the source, not necessarily of the quote). Tredinnick has held Bosworth in Leicestershire since 1987. If re-elected next Thursday (May 7th), he is likely … Continue reading


A Twitter on homeopathy

At the tail end of this last World Homeopathy Awareness Week, during which I at last got myself onto Twitter, and been having my fish-‘n’-chips’-wrapping-paper’s worth of input here and there (and, I must admit, finding it quite addictive), I’ve re-encountered that common reaction of those who don’t like it when you challenge the questionable/dubious … Continue reading

Re-re-invention (… of Joey Barton)

The announcement that the National Secular Society has made Joey Barton a honorary associate doesn’t really grate on my ego, despite several years of paying membership subscriptions and penning the occasional article on secularism-related issues… among which, I’m reminded of the following, and so here afford it a not entirely inappropriate update and re-airing: …………………………………………………………. Re-invention … Continue reading

Calling out more misleading information

What is it about conspiracy of circumstance that may engender vulnerability to the perceived charisma of charlatans? That might increase susceptibility to assimilation of the bogus teachings of some self-proclaimed health guru? I don’t know (exactly). Though I do know that such querying is likely to be met with offence, and responded to with logical … Continue reading

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Uncivilised expressionism: The sinister strategy of the Muslim Action Forum

As a member of the National Secular Society, I receive its weekly e-mail ‘Newsline’. After being distracted by an article on a constitutional toady, I returned my attention to the item at the top of the News, Blogs & Opinion listing, titled ‘“Be Careful With Mohammed”: Muslim Action Forum launches “legal strategy” to stop publication … Continue reading

Being clear on Tredinnick

Here is the text of an article submitted to a newspaper, the locality of which encompasses the constituency of David Tredinnick MP: David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, frequently takes opportunity to remind whomever of his membership of the House of Commons Select Committees for Health, and for Science and Technology. His recent pronouncements further question … Continue reading


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