Sandra H-C

Comment on cult commenting

‘I love comments and encourage you to leave one, two or more.’ So declareth Sandra Hermann-Courtney on the Home page of her petty paranoid blog project, ‘fighting-for-homeopathy‘. What, do we have here a full-blown devotee of the cult of homeopathy receptive to question, challenge, criticism and correction of publicly-made statements? Nah, don’t be silly. She … Continue reading

Misguided 1

Misguided misguidance?

Back in the sceptic saddle… and, during my world catch-up last weekend, appalled by a story in The Sunday Times, headlined ‘Patients misled on alternative cancer care‘. Unless you’re a subscriber, the full piece is not available via that link, but you can get the gist from this report back in March. It has apparently taken … Continue reading


Tessa’s misadventure

When a family member becomes seriously ill and is admitted and re-admitted to hospital for tests and treatments and surgery, what doesn’t really qualify as support and comfort to the directly and indirectly affected is somehow almost managing to kill the dog! Meet Tessa, a gorgeous, (unusually) black, noisy, somewhat overweight, but nevertheless lightening fast (miniature/standard? … Continue reading

Questioning Tredinnick

Recently (10th June) in Parliament, during an Oral Answers to Questions — Health session, the bumbling humbugger, considering discussion of Accident and Emergency Units prime opportunity to interject some pseudoscience into Parliamentary proceedings, rose to his pes planus and asked the Health Secretary: ‘Does my right hon. Friend agree that a critical problem that A … Continue reading


Act to prevent Tredinnick becoming Chair of the House of Commons Select Committee for Health

I note with interest the news of the resignation of Stephen Dorrell as Chair of the Commons Select Committee for Health. I am concerned to read that one of the primary contenders for the post will be existing Committee member, David Tredinnick. . In my opinion, Mr Tredinnick’s continued advocacy of unevidential complementary and alternative approaches renders him unsuitable … Continue reading

Inspection and funding of creationism in schools

Dear [MP], Thank you for your letter of 4 April 2014, and for the provision of the response, dated 24 April 2014, of Elizabeth Truss, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education and Childcare. Regarding Ofqual‘s letter addressing the redaction of examination questions, this is not completely reassuring. Where this has occurred, is follow-up investigation underway … Continue reading

From: The Guardian

Easter’s fools

‘… we obviously spend a lot of time celebrating Christmas and thinking about Christmas, but actually, really, Easter in many ways is the one that counts. Even those of us who sometimes struggle with some parts of the message – the idea of resurrection, of a living God, of someone who’s still with us – … Continue reading

from: Leicester Mercury

April’s Fools

On April 1st, bumbling humbugger David Tredinnick rose on his pes planus to ask The Secretary of State for Health: ‘In his travels to the People’s Republic of China, what has my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State learned about the integration of western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine?’ Jeremy cHunt’s reply: ‘What I … Continue reading

Chief Medical Officer tells Tredinnick where he may as well stick homeopathy!

The transcript of oral evidence given during the fourth evidence session of the HoC Select Committee for Science and Technology’s inquiry into antimicrobial resistance is now available. Being of the concerned opinion that the membership of David Tredinnick is pejorative to the Committee, I was pleased to note that (it turned out) both witness panels … Continue reading

Tredinnick’s continuing abuse of his membership of the House of Commons Select Committee for Science and Technology

He just cannot help himself. During the fourth evidence session of the House of Commons Select Committee for Science and Technology’s inquiry into antimicrobial resistance last week, David Tredinnick, quoting a statistic from a source he had located in the HoC Library, deemed it relevant to ask (@ 09:55) the first witness panel: “Between 1994 … Continue reading


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